Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit Contest Remix presents...
Gender Bender


So, for this contest, you're gonna have to test your skill and creativity a little. Here's what you do. Take a female base and doll a male doll. Or a male base and make a female. Either one! Now, don't freak out. If you can't edit bases, you could try covering up the whole thing. For example, doll a Ringwraith, or a clone trooper, or a Mandalorian, or one of those swoopy Ringwraith-like things in Harry Potter (whatever they're called). You can doll anything you want as long as you use the wrong gender base. As usual, though, please try to keep entries family friendly, thanks. Doesn't have to be completely PG, but no naked dolls or excessive gore. Thanks ^_^

General Rules
1. No frankendolling or claiming anyone elses work as your own. Anyone caught doing this will have their entry immediately removed, and will be banned from entering any of my future contests. So don't do it.
2. Base link must be included. No base link, no post entry. (Unless of course there was no base used. Then it's okay. .... duh.)

Contest ends when there are 10 entries (more or less). If you think it's gonna be a while before you can make your doll and you think the spots might fill up too fast (yeah right XD), then you can e-mail me to reserve a spot.

Here's the entry form. Fill this out and e-mail it to me at DarthRioBarbossa@gmail.com.

Site URL:
Base link:
(Don't forget to attach your doll!)

*No site required to enter