Zil wants everyone to know that if you have been raped, speak up. Don't keep it a secret. Your friends and family can help you get through this. Go to the cops and tell them what happened. They will be able to catch the jerk and make sure he never hurts another woman again. Silence doesn't help anyone but the one that assulted you. Don't keep silent.

WHEE! I just couldn't resist adopting this Wraithie from Swan Lake

Eryn's dolls... WOW. Her ideas are just so unique, and her shading is awesome!! Not to mention she's the one who taught me to doll :)

Fainelloth has some of the most beautiful dolls.... ever. *Le sigh*

OMG. OMG OMG OMG. Aren't Bexy's dolls DIVINE??

DifferentFree has SWEET white shading skills... and I love the theme of the doll :)

Kat made this AWESOME pixel drawing. *sigh* Sexy bishie...

Tari made these awesome dolls!

Luthien made this SUPER COOL doll. It's her chasing me... her being a Harry Potter fan, me not liking Potter.... well, it's pretty self-explanatory ^_^

And this dollie, because she went missing from the forum for a long while!

ZOMG! *eyes fall out* It's quite appropriate that this doll is called Envy.... BECAUSE I SERIOUSLY ENVY THIS DOLL! Laiyla has some SERIOUS talent here!

Lauren, I love you SO MUCH FOR DOLLING THIS! It's a pink Wraithie! How could I NOT adopt this?? Bloody brilliant :)

OMG! It's a mushroom faerie! I think this is one of Eliea's best works yet.

Whee!! Anduril made this awesome Davy Jones doll!

Raj (No site)

Ara made this ickle bitty Christmas Arwen on my base! Yay!!

Barananduen made this FREAKING AWESOME doll on my base! Just look at it! *points* LOOK!